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22nd European Regional Seminar Induced Seismicity Effects on the Built Environment, Energy Production, Transportation and Storage

23  26 May 2023

Zernike Campus, Groningen, Netherlands


Groningen is one of the largest on-land gas field in the world with continuous gas extraction operations since 1963. Earthquakes up to magnitude 3.6 in 3km depth, with the largest recorded horizontal acceleration of 0.11g, have been triggered since 2012 inflicting structural damage on houses and other buildings on the gas field and arousing public unrest.

Seminar Content

The seminar will be devoted to invited lectures with additional time allocated for short presentations by young researchers, under the age of 35, concerning their ongoing research or engineering projects related to the seminar topic. Discussion sessions will also be organised on some selected topics. The invited lecturers are European experts on the earthquake engineering and energy production, transportation and storage.

The seminar will be 4 days with a field trip in Day #4. The themes of the Regional Seminar are, but not limited to, induced seismicity, storage facilities (underground and above ground) for energy recourses, transportation and transmitting lines.

Details of the program can be found here and please register here